"It’s time to power up the Popcast on CBeebies"

It’s time for kids across the country to let their imaginations run wild, as we power up the Popcast machine on CBeebies’ brand new music show: Nick Cope’s Popcast.



Each episode sees singer songwriter Nick Cope, accompanied by his companion Norman the Whippet, looking for ideas for a new Popcast song as his quirky caravan is transported to a different location. Taking inspiration from his new surroundings and with the help of “The Popcasters”, a team of young children (including Nick’s real life grandson Remie and granddaughter Alva ) who give Nick ideas and themes for him to sing about, Nick sits down to write an unforgettable song.



When the song is ready it’s time to power up the Popcast machine and broadcast it to the nation. Norman presses his paw on the ‘play’ button and launches the magical, mixed media experience for everyone to enjoy; with quirky characters brought to life, children singing and the Popcasters dancing along to the song that they have helped Nick create.



With songs including the ‘Baby’s Done a Poo’, ‘I’m a Little Lizard’ and ‘A Round of Applause for the Dinosaurs’, Nick Cope’s Popcast, with its positive message, spectacular visuals and charming songs, provides timeless entertainment that will be treasured and enjoyed by generations to come.

The Episodes

Join Nick and his whippet Norman in a magical, musical series filled with funny songs for children and their families.



Nick and Norman get a visit from a giant T-Rex and Norman does his best dinosaur roar.


There’s a smelly pong in the caravan, Nick and Norman need to get to the bottom of it!

Take a Walk

Nick and his Grandson Remie wave goodbye to the city and say hello to the countryside.


A scaly little visitor gives Nick and Norman an idea for today’s Popcast Song.


It’s a rainy day so Nick and Norman create a Popcast Song about a beautiful rainbow.


Nick and Norman are at the seaside and someone has left a plastic bag on the beach.


Recycling gives Nick an idea for a Popcast Song about a rusty old robot.


Nick and his Grandson Remie create a Popcast Song about a spider who lives in a bucket.


Nick creates a Popcast Song about a brave penguin called Ruby who was born with one wing.


Nick is looking at family photographs and creates a Popcast song about being a brother.


Why did Hugh the hedgehog cross the road? He was looking for wiggly worms of course!


Nick and his Grandson Remie sing a Popcast Song about bears in the wintery woods.


Nick and Norman are going to an animal fancy dress party but what animal will Nick go as?


Spending a night in the forest, Nick and Norman find a magical, musical dragon’s egg.

Nick Cope's Popcast

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