About Nick - Nick Cope

A Bit About Me

I have lived in Oxford for over 30 years with my partner Amanda, we have 3 grown up children and a grandson and a wonderful whippet called Norman.

My hobbies are skateboarding, reading, drawing, walking Norman and noodling on my guitar. I was once the lead singer in a band called the Candyskins.

I have been writing and performing my family songs for over 10 years now and whether it’s at a theatre, festival or school it is always a joy to see the audience enjoying my songs and singing along.

I hope you all enjoy the new CBeebies series and I hope to see you all on my travels very soon.

Thank you

I would like to say a massive thanks to all the amazing musicians I have worked with over the years and I would like to say a special thanks to the following who have worked so hard and supportively on the Popcast series Rowland Prytherch, Joe Bennett, Jackie Oates, Jon Ouin, Mike Monaghan, John Spiers and Tim Turan and not forgetting Theo, Seth, Alice and Lotte for their beautiful singing.

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