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A Round of Applause for the Dinosaurs

£10.00 (+P&P)

The Nick Cope Show (DVD)

£12.00 (+P&P)

The Pirate's Breakfast

£10.00 (+P&P)

Why is the sky blue?

£10.00 (+P&P)

My Socks

£10.00 (+P&P)

What Colour is your t-shirt?

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a collection of original songs over 5 cd's written and performed by nick cope along with exclusive T-shirts in a variety of colours designed by nick.

New T-shirts now available
£12.50 (+P&P)
A Round of Applause for the Dinosaurs
£10.00 (+P&P)
01. I’m a little lizard
02. Joni the lonely wolf
03. A round of applause for the Dinosaurs
04. Flower in the garden
05. Lily "O" Lily
06. I don’t wanna do that
07. I feel sick!
08. Alien
09. Don’t stamp on an Ant
10. Hard not to cry
11. Plastic bag
The Nick Cope Show (DVD)
£12.00 (+P&P)
The Nick Cope Show is an animated compilation of brand new and classic videos by Nick and his son Burt.

Narrated by a cartoon Nick and featuring "A round of applause for the dinosaurs .... I'm a little lizard .... Flower in the garden... and many more" this 25 minute film is sure to become a treasured addition to your Nick Cope collection.

Described by Nick as the best thing he's ever done!!! The Nick Cope Show is available on DVD and iTunes download.
The Pirate's Breakfast
£10.00 (+P&P)
01. Another day
02. In the middle of the forest
03. The baby's done a poo
04. The Pirate's Breakfast
05. Nana's noodles
06. New school
07. Has anyone seen Hammy?
08. When I'm walking down the street
09. Jemima the scaredy cat
10. Muddle
11. When I get older
What Colour is your t-shirt?
£10.00 (+P&P)
01. As I lie here in my bed
02. Here we go
03. 5 little monkeys
04. Gravity
05. What colour is your t-shirt?
06. Move around
07. Best foot forward
08. Little fish
09. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
10. Clap your hands
My Socks
£10.00 (+P&P)
01. Grow grow grow
02. Think of an animal
03. My socks
04. It rains the same old rain
05. The very long shopping list
06. Let's take a walk
07. Pour in the bubbles
08. I've got a brother
09. Invisible pen
10. There's a bear
11. Thankyou
Why is the sky blue?
£10.00 (+P&P)
01. Wobbly tooth
02. Dirty washing
03. There's a nose in the middle
       of my face
04. Why is the sky blue?
05. Pizza pie
06. Whole lotta fun
07. Crazy crazy dinner lady
08. The story of the very silly dog
09. Snowman kind of day
10. Tidy up

the videos...

Here are some lovely little films of Nick's songs please share them with your friends...

a brilliant show *****
Edinburgh Reporter

about nick cope...

As well as selling my CD's to all the lovely people around the world, I run regular sessions in and around Oxfordshire for young children and their families where I perform my songs. I also regularly appear at schools and theatres and many of the large music festivals and events for families all over the country.

I have established a very strong following of little people and their parents from all over the world and the parents love the songs just as much as the children.

Please tell all your friends about my songs and do check the news and events for upcoming festivals and shows and I will hopefully see you sometime soon.

Best wishes Nick

"Out of all the singers that do children's songs, he's the best-est." (Megan, age 4)

"Performing to children is very much the same as performing to adults, only the people jumping around and screaming at the front are a little bit smaller" (Nick Cope, age 48)

A few things you might not know about Nick Cope

  • I live in Oxford with my partner Amanda and our three children oh and not forgetting Norman the Whippet and our 3 chickens.
  • I have been writing and performing songs for children and their parents for the last 6 years.
  • It all started when I was asked to run a session at the Oxford Montessori school nursery it went rather well so I just carried on.
  • I get my inspiration from working at schools and nurseries and listening to the children’s stories.
  • I always try and keep the parents in mind when I am writing and recording as they are going to have to listen to the songs quite a few times !!!!
  • My favourite song at the moment would have to be “The Pirates Breakfast” This will definitely be on my next CD.
  • My favourite song to perform at the moment would have to be “Whole lotta fun” especially when everyone is singing and dancing with their hands in the air.
  • In a previous life I was the lead singer in a band called the Candyskins.

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